About NuFinish

NuFinish, our small but experienced and dedicated team consists of Ryan White and brother Justin.

Ryan and Justin have over 18 years experience in bodyshop and smart repairs. Having worked for the top car garages in the province, we have experience in every model and colour of cars imaginable, giving you the confidence that your pride and joy is in our safe hands.

Our team prides itself in talking to our customers face to face and we are happy to discuss any repair challenge, and with our experience in all aspects of cosmetic car repair and car bodywork repair and painting, there is very little we cannot tackle.

By taking the paint code from the car and using a computer to create a precise colour mix, NuFinish gets a paint match as good as any body shop, and by using non-isocyanide (non-poisonous) lacquers the company protects the environment too.

Bumper scuffs have always been a speciality and the team can smooth back the damaged area, retexture, re-paint and re-lacquer to create a repair which is virtually invisible. The colour coding match also works on, any secondhand spares you may have sourced from an identical car of a different colour.

Another group of repairs available at NuFinish are paintless dent removal and repairs to mirror backs and alloy wheels, minor damage can be put right fast and effeciently, so there's no need to be without your car for days, in fact customers are welcome to wait in the comfortable reception areas while the work is carried out.

So if its a bumper scuff, kerb scrape, car parking error or any of the other stomach-wrenching but relatively minor knocks and grazes which all drivers experience from time to time nu finish can repair and complete in the time it takes you to have a gentle walk around the Junction One complex

all qouted prices at NuFinish always include labour, materials and consumables, if a bodyshop has quoted you £400-£500 plus extras our typical price would be less than half that with no hidden prices.


NuFinish - We paint the damage, not the car